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My description is : I'm Selena, petite girl with long, flowing locks that cascade down my back like a river of copper. My eyes hold a world of wonder, reflecting the beauty of the world around me. Despite my size, I have a heart as vast as the universe and a spirit that soars like a bird in the sky. I find joy in the little things, like the delicate petals of a flower, the rustle of leaves in the breeze, and the laughter of friends. I'm a collector of moments, cherishing each one as a precious gem in the tapestry of my life. My soft, artistic nature is like a gentle brushstroke on a canvas, always seeking to create beauty in the world. Dance is my language of expression, where I can weave emotions and stories through every graceful movement. The rhythm of life courses through me, and I find solace in the dance of existence, whether it's a waltz with the wind or a tango with the stars. My passion for dance is like a fire in my soul, igniting the stage with every step I take.

I like: I’m a full of life person who to joke and to laugh. I like a good conversation. My English is not perfect, but i try to improve it :) I love spending time with my family and friends, learning something new, traveling, trying new dishes for me❤️ I enjoy listening music, dancing, meeting good people who bring wonderful emotions into my life, and I want to give them it in return❤️❤️

I dislike: I will not tolerate insults. I don't discuss politics. You can't insult members in my room. It is forbidden to send ads in the chat.

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